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Title: There Are Actually Historical Notes At The End
Author/Artist: kahlanaisling
Character(s) or Pairing(s): PruHun
Rating: G
Warnings: No religious tolerance, since this is the Teutonic Knights, but it's really really minor.
Summary:  Hungary and Gilbert hang out and beat each other up.  Just as friends, really.  They also kiss, but that's for sissies, so they won't tell you anything about that.  Chibi!PruHun, almost pointless fluff.  
A/N  Semi-historical kind of?  De-anon from the kink meme; request was chibi!PruHun based on this pic (source not found).  I wrote this. . . wow, probably a year ago.  Look at me posting old writing. |D  Really lame Prussia because he's a kid and dorky.

( He's just finished struggling into a fresh pair of pants when light suddenly falls into the dim tent, opening it up to a view of the rest of the camp. )
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Looking for a Hungary to rp with! c:

Hi c:
So as the title says i am looking for someone who wants to rp or rp's Hungary!

I have been looking all over the place for a PruHun fan and well.. i couldn't find any just a couple of AusHun and.. allot of PruAus anyway! I thought it was a better idea to post a little request to rp my lovely OTP here <3

So alright let me give you a bit of information!

Name: Kelly
Email: bornthisrebel@gmail.com
IF you are choosing to contact me by email please write “LJ reply” in the subject so I know not to delete you and you are interested in rp : )

Time Zone: Central European Standard Time (CET) ((i'm from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Even if our timezones are completely different i am usually online till very very late !))

Years RPing: Around 6 years the first 2 years were horrible.. and after that i improved more and more and got better at my English and writing 

Rating: All ratings..
I do allot of R18 rating rp’s or rp’s that end up R18 rated that’s all fine (so if you're below 18 please tell me or if you're uncomfortable with this) I love angst, drama, death, love, fluff, romance shit like that just whatever.
I am also comfortable with almost all kinks for example gore, bloodplay, bondage and whatever but i won't do these things if the other person is not comfortable with it.

Style: I prefer paragraph, third person styling. My posts are normally 4 -8 sentences long, this depends on what kind of rp it is.. because i am used to writing very very long replies too in for example historic rp’s, if the rp’s are more for fun and just crazy they tend to be shorter. Though in a heavy dialogue weak action setting one-liners can happen. BUT, this does not mean that it should be a common occurrence.
I accept script style if it is descriptive and easy to understand.

And then i has this one rp idea that maybe if you're interested we can do. The rp is based on this "What if" situation. It's a little like this; Prussia confesses that he was planning on proposing to Hungary too but he was too late and Austria already did and now what i want to rp is What if Prussia proposed to Hungary before Austria did? Would she choose love over duty ? (well obviously.. cus it's PruHun) And what would happen if they got married? Gilbert would obviously get the support of the Hungarian army and he would take Austria's land, he will be more powerful which gived him the opertunity to take more country's, more vitals! and get more and more powerfull. Would the country keep exsisting? Would their relationship hold up? Will Hungary be able to live with the bloodthirsty, crazy Prussian guy with an amazing hunger for power? And what else would change? Would Germany exist? Just so many things could happen and whatever and well it could be a very dramatic, romantic love story.

If you are interested pleaseee contact me! We can talk this through or rp something else : ) ! So yeah !

I hope i will get a reply soon~ !

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[Doujin] - It's a Trap!

Title: It's a Trap
Author/Artist: self c:
Character(s)/Pairing(s): PrussiaxHungary!
Rating: PG? G??
Warnings: inconsistent art? a crossdressing prussia?? T3T
Summary: Gilbert wants to see Elizabeta, but is afraid of the consequences involved if he goes to see her (which involves frying pans and violent deaths). Antonio and Francis eventually come up with a disguise of sorts so Gilbert can see Hungary safely... And that disguise involves crossdressing?!

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♕ - setzer [ffvi]

[fic] Butter and Smoke. Prussia & Hungary

title: Butter and Smoke
author: [info]leriacossato @ [info]ultio_ultionis
character(s)/pairing(s): Prussia ; Hungary ; mild Prussia/Hungary
rating: PG-13
warnings: language
summary: Early 1970s. Gilbert drops by Elizaveta's house.

( ❝ They ended up smoking together next to the window in Elizaveta’s room, sharing a bottle of wine and a sandwich. ❞ )

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Elizaveta Hungary Cosplay

[Cosplay] Prussia & Hungary ~You're the One~

Finally I'm able to share something here. This community is wonderful and I'm glad there are so many PruHun fans. <3
Some weeks ago I had a PruHun photoshooting with my friend Satomi who visited me here in Germany. We both share the same love for PrussiaxHungary and decided to take some couple pictures. I hope you will like them! (^^*)

Gilbert: satomisato
Elizabeta: monsoonlotus
photographer: buckingbutler
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[Fanfiction] "Frontier Ultimatum", chapter one

Title: Frontier Ultimatum, chapter one
Authors: oreo_ornament and groundpass
Rating: T
Characters: Prussia, Hungary, Austria
Summary: A post-apocalypse AU. The world is a post-war, post-nuclear mess that is slow to rebuild itself. Prejudices are revived as fallout has changed some people, causing them to have supernatural powers. Not that Gilbert and Elizaveta particularly give a shit.

[Behind the cut~]