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prussiaxhungary's Journal

{ i can resist everything except temptation }
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[ The Gilbert Weillschmidt x Elizaveta Héderváry Community ]
Gilbert & Elizavetha Community

This is a Prussia x Hungary community, a place for Gilbert Weillschmidt & Elizavetha Héderváry love. You're welcome to post any form of fanart, fanfiction, discussion, icons, interesting things or even sharing PrussiaxHungary strips! Anything as long as it's PrussiaxHungary is welcomed~ if there is some ''kinky'' stuff included, be sure to warn us! Also, LJ cut makes the page look better.

& a bit about posting etiquette

• To make things more organized, here's a template that is best used for fanworks:
PrussiaxHungary of course!

*This information is never put under a cut. Any other text or images (not previews) should be put under LJ cut. It would be great if you'll use tags to make things more organized!

• Be friendly & respect fellow fans - avoid silly wars or bashings, please.

• Always tag your entries. If you don't know what tag is appropriate for your post, don't worry. Your mods will take care of it for you <3

• Any post containing mature, non-worksafe content should be locked.

& Hope you'll have fun in this community and please, no flaming or hating. It's all about love after all... isn't it?


manly_glasses → Austria x Hungary
sadist_otp → Russia x Belarus

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I can resist everything except temptation.
-- Oscar Wilde